Fitness program PRO Jumping it’s ready business. Trampoline trainings will provide you the flow of clients and permanent profit. Choosing PRO Jumping, you get everything to start business. We offer you a free set of activities for the development of your business in Europe on condition of buying 6 trampolines PRO Jumping. It’s a good bargain. Think about it:

Start with choosing trampolines with handle for fitness. Then follow our recommendations:

  1. You enroll coaches to PRO Jumping courses. During 2 days special course “Trampoline jumping” is held for active coaches. During 14 hours participants of the course study safety measures, basic elements, set of exercises and special trampoline tricks. Besides every person will be able to take part in master classes of famous jumping coaches. At the end of course participants will pass exam and get a certificate. Education can be organized or in our centers, or on the territory of Germany, Italy, Czech Republic etc.

  2. You get manipulative informational material for coaches. We provide your stuff with video-lessons that can help to penetrate more in PRO Jumping and find interesting elements for trainings. You’ll get booklets, where the trampoline jumping program is described very well. Your clients will be able to obtain more information about the advantages of jumping and they will make sure in your competence.

  3. You get promotional material to spread among target group. Fliers, booklets, cut-aways and leaflets you’ll get without payments. All this free stuff you should have to attract new clients. Note that you don’t need to spend money on promotion. You’ll get it free from PRO Jumping Company in Europe.

  4. You start internet-promotion. PRO Jumping Company presents you email-base of your target group. We also place information about you on our official site and on web-pages of our partners. And our additional bonus is support in social networks of our partners.

  5. You choose company logo. Our designers will create corporate style. We’ll put logo and slogan on brand-uniform for your stuff and patrons. Common stile marks your club among many others

  6. You choose music for your trainings. Our specialists created audio-compilations that really suit for trainings. Good melody will remain in head all day reminding about trampoline jumping.

  7. You consult with business-Guru, who has organized successful business in jumping-sphere. We are ready to share knowledge with you, because we’re interested in your progress and profit. Success of our partners is our pride. Be ready to “absorb” knowledge and recommendations!

Trampoline jumping it’s a sphere, where you can get profit easily with our help. Your first step is to buy trampoline for fitness. The rest we’ll do together. Trust us: we'll teach you how to fly independently with trampoline jumping!






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