PRO Jumping

Program PRO Jumping is pride of NASA, favorite of fitness-coaches and a discovery for healthy lifestyle amateurs. PRO Jumping it’s more than trampoline jumping. PRO Jumping it’s philosophy of determined and active in life people.

How did this program appear?

Famous organization NASA introduced trampoline jumping as training for cosmonauts. It was noticed that jumping in comparison with other fitness-directions lets to pump the muscles in all body and to get used to weightlessness and flight. Professional coaches used the groundwork of NASA-specialists to train sportsmen and amateurs in Europe. Soon program SKY Jumping appeared. Progressive coaches went further: in collaboration with doctors they improved the system of training on trampolines. So the program PRO Jumping showed up.

What are the advantages?

Probe-tested program PRO Jumping proved that trampoline jumping can influence on many things positively. In particular, if a person practices jumping regularly…

- the process of ageing slows down

- muscles become more elastic

- the oxygen penetrates in every body’s cell more actively

- it’s possible to lose more extra kilos than during regular training in a gym

- Metabolic processes accelerates

- It’s possible to work with so called “problematic zones”, from which it’s difficult to get rid (wrinkles on hips, flabby belly, floppy skin on hands and legs, etc.)

- the coordination improves

- the depressed state and hysterics disappear

- the intellectual tiredness goes away. Brain relaxes and after training it can solve difficult problems faster than before

- precautions of cardiovascular diseases occurs

- it’s possible to remove pain in spinal and in joints

- the bearing corrects

All these results it’s absolutely real information. Our company works in jumping-sphere since first SKY Jumping clubs appeared in Czech republic. Since that time we’ve been teaching thousands of people and we sincerely declare that all advantages mentioned above are true. But we forgot to notice the most important difference of PRO Jumping-system. It’s physiological comfort and harmony. After the first training a person feels himself really good and in consent with the world.

During a jump a person feels himself like a bird. Jumping high, we forget about all the problems, troubles and duties. Every person enjoys the feeling of freedom in the moment of flight. All this fills life with lightness.

Besides PRO-Jumping coaches can motivate and achieve good results with every client. Individual approach and psychological constituent support makes trampoline fitness according to PRO Jumping program an exclusive fitness-direction.

Clients need you to dip into the world of jumping and you need trampolines with handle and specially educated coaches. Both things you can find in our company in the Ukraine, in Germany or in any other country. We’re official vendors of this sport equipment in Europe and in some regions beside it.

Trampolines PRO Jumping are distinguished by strong material, comfortable rubber legs, various palette of linen edging and extra guarantee of quality.

We also organize educational courses for jumping coaches with different level of knowledge. At the end of courses every participant gets certificate with qualification “trampoline jumping coach”.

PRO Jumping - it’s a direction, that was chosen by 300 fitness clubs all round Europe. Now it’s your time to choose PRO Jumping!







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