Trampoline warranty

Professional trampolines for fitness PRO Jumping - it’s high-quality sport equipment in Europe, assigned for group and individual classes.

Trampolines with handle for fitness are made of strong, long-lived material. In addition to high quality we give to all customers extra guarantee. Thereby we declare that all our clients are protected from losses.

Warranty bond extends on composition of trampoline:

  • Metal matrix with handle

  • Linen

  • Bungees

  • Rubber ferrules of trampoline legs

Consumer’s maintenance functions under keeping of service rules during 1 year since the equipment was discharged from the warehouse.

How to use a trampoline correctly:

- In the beginning of exploitation, please, attach metallic trampoline handle

- Fitness trampolines should be placed in rooms, where the atmospheric humidity is not more than 60%. Otherwise corrosion will appear on metallic elements of equipment.

- Mini-trampolines can’t be places in rooms with the height of ceilings less than 2,6 meters. Otherwise there’s a risk of getting injury while doing jumping exercise.

- A person should practice jumping in clean footwear. Sneakers are forbidden as footwear, but trainers will be ok for jumping classes.

- These goods for fitness can endure a load of more than 120 kg.

- Jumping classes on trampolines should be held by certified coach according to program PRO Jumping in Europe.

- It’s categorically forbidden to touch the linen with sharp and cutting object.

- Nobody is allowed to deform the trampoline construction purposely.

- The linen of trampoline should be cleaned with humid sponge without using any chemicals or scrubbers.

Our respected clients, we guarantee the quality of delivered articles, but you should know, that in the case of revealing any defect or premeditated deformation you should:

- stop using the trampoline immediately

- not try to remove breakage yourself

- contact the vendor

- take some photos, where we could see the probable defect or deformation clearly. You can send the photos via email.

Professional trampolines PRO Jumping will serve you faithfully for many long years. We pledge the word!





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