ProJumping and health

Jumping in Europe is a new trendy direction that can change your fitness outlook. You needn’t persuade yourself to visit exhausting trainings. Trampoline fitness it’s lightness, joy, quiet mind and beautiful body. Do you still have any doubts? So look at our 5 facts and 1 secret about the health advantages of jumping.

  1. We burn calories without over fatigue.

Trampoline jumping it’s a good decision for those, who want to get rid of extra calories, but at the same time who don’t want to sweat or to do monotonous exercises for a long time in a gym. 1 jump burns all that you’ve gathered during your meal lately. Full training will relieve you from fat deposits in body. Imagine, what can happen to the body after regular trainings?!

  1. We make the body slimmer and we correct “problematic zones”

It’s always difficult to lose weight in all parts of body at the same time. It’s not easy to correct the belly, to reduce wrinkles and flabby skin on body. A person should do plenty of exercises to reach this result. If you really want it, be ready, that your life will become a merry-go-round of trainings. But there’s another way to have perfect body. Trampoline jumping can make all body slimmer and more beautiful. During 1 jump more than 600 muscles livens up at the same time! Think about it: it’s impossible to jump without work of legs, back, hands and abdominals. Doing Jumping with certified coach in PRO Jumping (new improved program) you can perfect your body during some months.

  1. We improve vestibular apparatus

While jumping a man automatically tries to keep balance in order to touch down correctly. Permanent control of actions helps to develop coordination and to improve vestibular apparatus. This useful property of jumping is especially recommended for those, who suffer from vertigo. Instead of medicines doctors advise to do exercises that can help vestibular apparatus: skating and roller-skating, skiing and trampoline jumping. By the way, the latest mentioned is the least injury-prone.

  1. We get rid of backache

When we do a jump, we should keep the back straight in order to do the exercise in a correct way. Permanent control of back position forms a habit to hold always back straight. Besides, jumping-exercises don’t give the direct load on spinal. All muscles work together at the same time and all efforts are spread evenly. It was noticed, that after jumping classes a person has the feeling that all weight and discomfort disappeared from the spinal.

  1. We get more use from jumping-classes, than from jogging.

It’s said, that jogging is very useful, but we declare, that trampoline jumping with a coach is better. 8 minutes of an active jumping training will substitute 3 km of jogging. We also add that jumping helps to raise exercise tolerance, to improve the work of intestines and respiratory apparatus. No matter how you slice it, but trampoline with metallic handle is more effective than long sprints.

Jumping helps strengthen health. It’s a fact. But maybe you’d say that you could reach the same result doing any other kind of fitness. But we hurry to reveal the secret: trampoline jumping helps to avoid oppressive thoughts, anxiety and stress after the 1st training. The reason is that every person can try to fly during training. The first movements can be uncertain and a jump - not high, but every next time you will fly higher and higher, forgetting about the duties, social status and all troubles. You will feel the air and weightlessness. Believe us, when your feet are high above the earth, all problems and concerns leave somewhere far away. Jumping teaches how to rise above the oppressive things. Jumping shows that every person can fly independently of his or her possibilities. Join our flight!






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